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The Siren Song

Top prize-winning song at the Dejem Performance Festival. A modern translation of an ancient poem, the original probably by the great female poet and singer, Hazell, of Old Nef. In the memoir of Orland of Nef, daughter of a Godlian convert and possible assassin, representing Nef City at the Cliff-Singing Competition, and afterwards, for the king. As Orland writes:

Said a father to his daughter, she a siren of the sea, "I am King beneath the water, you must marry royalty. Ah, you must marry royalty."

Said the siren to the sailor, "Though you be not prince or king, You may take me from my father, if you'll only hear me sing."

Said the sailor to the siren, "Maiden sing your song to me! I am neither king nor rich man, but my love will set you free!"

Listen to the wind and water singing on the lonely shore, "Dream your dream but do not follow, oh those who dare are seen no more, Those who dare are heard from no more."

Still some say she found her sailor, and they safely sailed away Far from wind and rock and slaughter, To a safer happier day!

Music by The Dream Brothers

Song of Hazell

Music by The Dream Brothers

When an earthquake cracked open a fissure in the lava-rock of Nef island beneath its major ruins, it revealed the lower chambers of the great lost library of ancient Nef. For almost three thousand years they had been sealed off from air and light, since the devastating eruption of ancient days that also crumbled the southern peninsula, causing the seas to rise in some places and recede in others, breaking up the land into an archipelago of small, steeply sloping islands curving south to the continent. Among the poet Hazell’s long-lost work preserved in that library was an introduction to her songs, more than two dozen complete poems, and, most precious of all, some fragments of the famed Consolations. In the words of Uncle Mordec:

“What do we know of Hazell, really? From her verses alone, we have but a glimpse, yes? We know she dressed as a man, and, if she wrote true, that she loved deeply, and won prizes for her lyrics in the amphitheatre. We know she lived with her lover on the beach, in a little fishing village at the tip of the bay, far from the city, and credited the lover for her best ideas. We know she sailed a small craft herself, walked through the marshes, and waited, before dawn, for the deer to come and drink. We know she loved wine, but loved lovemaking more. And that she thought of us, in the future, as her audience, always. And that is all! She teaches us that we are love, simply. That is the real connecting energy of the universe.”

Brothers and Sisters of Times

(Greetings from one Hazell, a

Has this somehow reached you?

 If so, send word

But speak not first of

Tell us first of your

as well as what is

	Is war no more? Have

If not, tell us first

Remind us of the light

and the flush of sunset

the yawning stretch of a

ripe figs split open by

cool breeze on the hottest

a kiss for reunion; the

the quiet kissing waves of

and many things even I

Oh, Describe them for us

that we who are your

and rejoice in some of

Do the stars still dazzle

Oh, tell me yes, and

And I shall tell you

Because some secrets will not

And I will sing in

but take home to my

they are meant more for

You too have wizards among

Though perhaps, to you, they

Unless, like me, you are

and live in some simple

and sail alone to the

who teaches in the sweetest

how to read a dream,

and eyes, and clouds, and

and how to sing a

——as I have learned to

even, perhaps, 'till yours reaches

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