Dejem is "the next island south of Nef, and a sail of half a day, a dot on the southern horizon around which the evening clouds gathered." Famous throughout the ancient world for its yearly Theater and Music Competitions, and its concave, sound-amplifying cliffs.

“Dejem was widely considered the paradise Nef used to feel like, still officially a neutral island without Godlians, where the old language was still spoken, and people greeted each other on the street with hugs, familiar to me through the old literature, though startling to see, and where the cafés were crowded but not raucous and dangerous with drunk, angry people looking for strangers to blame for their confusions. It was a culture that had been dedicated primarily to the arts since the ancient celebrant times, the times of the twelve marble theaters, when both South and Northern continents regularly sent musicians and dancers to Dejem to study and compete in the festivals.”

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